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Welcoming Autumn

As the harvest slows and the hot days of summer start to cool, we welcome the Autumn months here at the winery.

One of the most anticipated elements is always the announcement of the new Autumn Menu and we look to our biodynamic garden and available fresh produce to see what we will be offering to our guests.

If you are heading to Margaret River for Easter or for ANZAC Day, from wherever you live, we look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant. I have included our new Autumn Menu here from Executive Chef David Hull to entice you!

Our Cabernet Sauvignon 'Old Vines' on harvest day

The Diana Madeline Harvest

The last week has seen the team out enjoying the warm weather and enthusiastically harvesting the Cabernet Sauvignon that will become our Diana Madeline 2014.

Everyone was in great spirits and we enjoyed very good days in the field and the sheds. It is always that way when the Diana Madeline cabernet sauvignon fruit comes into the winery - everyone's mood lifts being a part of that wonderful fruit!

We also found ourselves ready to harvest our Sauvignon Blanc, which was done on Saturday March 1st, on a Moon opposite Saturn Flower day on the biodynamic calendar, which is ideal for this beautiful fruit. For us it was a glorious and busy long weekend here in Western Australia, so the whole winery had a wonderful energy!

Lyndey Milan's Taste of Australia

Lyndey Milan's Taste of Australia, airs on Sunday at 1.30pm on 7Two.

Cullen Wines features in Ep 14- 15th June - THE MARGARET RIVER.  Lyndey Milan cooked pork steaks with stinging nettle sauce, quick pickle and asparagus and broad-bean salad when she dropped into Cullen Wine's estat, filming her latest series, Lyndey Milan's taste of Australia.The companion book has been written, shot and is currently being laid out. We anticipate an October release date, in time for Christmas. It will feature all the recipes, some stories and still photos from the TV series and additional recipes.

Garden Update March 2014

What is happening in the garden…

Autumn has arrived!  The Cabernet has started flowing in and are looking, smelling and tasting delicious.  The birds are cleaning up the remainder of the mulberry fruit too high to reach, which should keep them away from the figs that are purple, sweet and juicy.

Garden Update February 2014

What is happening in the garden…

The farm is alive with people from all around the world working like bees, bringing grapes in to make delicious wine. The evenings are starting to cool down as we near that beautiful autumn time with mild wind, warm days and cool nights.

Taste This by Ben Thomas 14.2.14

2012 Mangan Vineyard Merlot Malbec Petit Verdot

5 out of 5

Fabulous February at Cullen Wines

Something for everyone in February!

So much is going on at the winery this month, I just had to write to all of our Family and Friends and keep you updated on our activities. I know you are going to find something that interests you.

Kate Cullen and Vineyard Manager Matt Dermody

Harvest 2014 Begins at Cullen Wines!!

Moon Opposite Saturn Harvest

Yesterday at the vineyard was an incredible day. The weather was mild, there was slight cloud cover, the Chardonnay grapes were ripe, the Moon was opposite Saturn and it was a a flower day - perfect conditions in our biodynamic calendar. So many wonderful things came together and the team together successfully commenced our first day of harvest 2014.

Garden Update JANUARY 2014

What is happening in the garden….

The New Year always brings laughter and joy to all and here at Cullen’s is no different.  It can be especially heard from children climbing the mulberry trees to pick fruit and explore and from the parents and adults who have fond memories of such joy.  And now is the time for harvest of mulberries, right up to the start of grape harvest. Unbelievably we have picked over 100kg of mulberries so far over past three weeks and will pick again the same over the next month.

James Halliday - TASTING AN ICON

If your lucky enough to have a bottle of the Cullen Diana Madeline lying around or aspire to seek one out, James Halliday shares his notes on the past 30 vintages of this iconic Bordeaux blend.

At a back-vintage tasting of Margaret River's Cullen Diana Madeline, in conjunction with Moss Wood, Woodlands and Fraser Gallop, the sheer consistency of the wines' outstanding quality could not be matched.  While each producer had a number of similarly great wines, the take-home lesson was the exceptinoal terroir of Margaret River for Bordeaux blends, comfortably in front of All.

Full tasting notes can be read in the Feb/March 2014 James Halliday Wine Companion Magazine and downloaded for iPad here.