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Gourmet Escape Fringe Event - Cullen Wine Song Sundowner

Friday, November 21 4.00-7.00pm Hurry tickets selling fast!

A unique and extraordinary event that will see the release of the inaugural Cullen inspired “Wine Song” CD.  A collection of talented songwriters and composers have come together to share their original music inspired by this magical land, its vines and wine.  On the legendary Cullen verandah you will enjoy the Cullen wines and canapés whilst hearing this incredible and original pairing of music and wine performed live by the artists.

From Land to the Vines at Cullen Wines with Jock Zonfillo and David Hull - SOLD OUT

A Gourmet Escape Satellite Event - Saturday 22 November 6.30pm


Garden Update July 2014

What is happening in the garden…

It’s a stormy month with high winds, horizontal rain and a splashing of rainbows to keep us smiling. Fresh faces from around the world have arrived to join the Vineyard team as pruning gets underway in the vineyard. This is a vital part of the grape production as it will set up next year’s Fruit and the following years cane selection.

Cullen Garden Pick of the Day Salad

Garden Update June 2014

What's happening in the garden...

A carpet of oats, rye grass, legumes and lupins blanket the vineyard soil, sinking their roots deep into the Earth and drawing up minerals to bring to the surface. A few autumn coloured leaves remain on the vines and deciduous fruit trees taking in the last bit of sunshine before going dormant and putting their energy into root growth. The Solstice is on the 21st of June when the Sun stands still for a day before starting its journey south bringing its warmth and radiance, this is the most consistent currency we can rely on.

Cullen Wines Degustation Dinner, Hanging Gardens Ubud, BALI!

Saturday 28 June at 5.30pm

Hanging Gardens Ubud invites you to an evening for lovers of fine food and wines, set overlooking our acclaimed twin-tiered swimming pools and the Dalem Segara Temple across the valley. The wines will be presented by our very special guest Vanya Cullen from Australia's famous Cullen Wines, with our renowned Executive Chef Adriano Ricco creating a menu to match these fine wines.

Exciting News!

Introducing our new 2013 Mangan Vineyard Preservative Free Malbec

We are very excited to introduce one of latest releases to you; Cullen Wines 2013 Mangan Vineyard Preservative Free Malbec. It is the first Preservative Free wine we have produced at our biodynamic winery. 

Garden Update May 2014

What's happening in the garden...

Dust off those Gumboots, it is time to play in the mud. The inter-rows have been ploughed and the Tractors are seeding cover crops all through the vineyard. Broad Beans and snap peas are being planted by hand in selected rows along the entrance road and in front of the restaurant. They will be accompanied by Beetroot and radish to make full use of the rows. It has been a busy time with visitors coming through the gardens and keen to learn more about Biodynamic agriculture and the natural rhythms of the Earth and the cosmos.

Garden Update April 2014

What is happening in the garden…

Seeds are germinating all through the vineyard as the brown earth turns green.  The rain has allowed the clover, oats, rye and other cover crops to start their cycle of drawing nutrients from the air and earth to help condition the soil.

Welcoming Autumn

As the harvest slows and the hot days of summer start to cool, we welcome the Autumn months here at the winery.

One of the most anticipated elements is always the announcement of the new Autumn Menu and we look to our biodynamic garden and available fresh produce to see what we will be offering to our guests.

If you are heading to Margaret River for Easter or for ANZAC Day, from wherever you live, we look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant. I have included our new Autumn Menu here from Executive Chef David Hull to entice you!

Our Cabernet Sauvignon 'Old Vines' on harvest day

The Diana Madeline Harvest

The last week has seen the team out enjoying the warm weather and enthusiastically harvesting the Cabernet Sauvignon that will become our Diana Madeline 2014.

Everyone was in great spirits and we enjoyed very good days in the field and the sheds. It is always that way when the Diana Madeline cabernet sauvignon fruit comes into the winery - everyone's mood lifts being a part of that wonderful fruit!

We also found ourselves ready to harvest our Sauvignon Blanc, which was done on Saturday March 1st, on a Moon opposite Saturn Flower day on the biodynamic calendar, which is ideal for this beautiful fruit. For us it was a glorious and busy long weekend here in Western Australia, so the whole winery had a wonderful energy!